Meredith Jaye's Guide to Fall 2022 Trends

Meredith Jaye's Guide to Fall 2022 Trends Posted on By Kim Fuller
 “Shop Til You Drop” is an expression that we’ve used millions of times to describe a day packed with hours of shopping. Days spent wandering in and out of stores, maybe stopping for a coffee or a quick bite to eat along the way, left us slightly fatigued as we loaded our bags into the car.
It wasn’t until attending buying trips for Meredith Jaye with owner, Kim Fuller, that I learned the true meaning of this phrase. Power shopping for 9 hours a day, 3 days in a row, picking the best of the best for our stores seems exhausting right? Right - BUT, it's also exhilarating! While the buying team for Meredith Jaye may fall into bed at the end of these long days, it’s the latest fashion trends that we are left dreaming about. Here are our favorite trends to look for this fall and winter.
Typically we have save these fabrics for cocktail parties and other very special occasions. I guess spending a year or two in sweats made us second guess this way of thinking. The more sparkle the better when it comes to this trend. Sequins, Fur, Feathers, Faux Leather and Satin will give an extra kick to neutrals and bright colors this fall. Style any of these fabrics with denim or t-shirts and you will be stepping out in style. This trend will immediately elevate your look and can be worn for daytime AND nighttime looks. When styling this look, treat sparkle as a basic. You GLAM girl!

If you like fashion, then chances are you loved Barbie and her sense of style. Hot Pink, the brand’s trademark color, made this trend easy to spot. As you scroll through Instagram, Pinterest, or, for some of us older gals, Vogue Magazine, you may notice your favorite celebrities and designers embracing this trend. Barbiecore is a bright and fun trend defined by the color pink. Add in some sequins or feathers to this look and you’ve got yourself a party! Don’t want an entire hot pink outfit? Choose a pop of pink with your accessories or shoes!
It’s 2022, we don't feel the need to call this trend “menswear”. That’s an outdated term to describe the suit trend that’s taking the fashion world by storm. We saw a lot of oversized blazers paired with matching trousers that have a very relaxed leg. Worn with sneakers, heels or boots, these pieces are interchangeable with t-shirts, blouses, or denim, making this trend the most versatile one to grab. We even spotted Drew Barrymore dressed in an oversized taupe suite, brown clogs, and a crisp white button down. Since WE chose all of these essential pieces for Meredith Jaye, my first thought was, “Drew Barrymore is copying OUR style".
When the doors open to the convention hall that holds all of the latest and greatest fashion trends, the very first thing we notice is color. We immediately notice what colors are trending and that helps guide us through the next million decisions that we will make over the next few days. This season we saw a mix of beautiful neutrals and strong bold color. According to the Pantone Color Institute, “Colors of Fall/Winter 2022 contrast our competing desires for calm and comfort with energy boosting vitality through a range of restful and restorative colors, in tandem with exuberant tones.” When it comes to color, this is where your personality should come through. All of the texture and incredible fabric that we saw will be available to you in neutrals and bold colors - there is no wrong answer here. Colors that really stood out this fall were: ivory, caramel, brown, olive green, midnight blue, hot pink, red, magnolia yellow and emerald green.
Even though we saw lots of girls rolling around the show in roller skates, we thought, “Hmmm-Not sure Meredith Jaye is ready for that one!”. Instead we’re bringing the best everyday accessories that are much easier to wear. Sneakers continue to dominate the footwear scene. Yes, girls, you can even wear these with your sequins and feathers. We have a variety of sneakers coming into the stores as soon as this week. The western vibe had a big influence on footwear, as well. We have stocked the stores with beautiful suede booties for all of your dresses and cropped denim. The arrival of a metallic and blush pink cowboy boot has us stalking the delivery trucks! From wide brim hats, to sherpa purses, to belts, to all the latest jewelry, you can be sure that we have stocked our stores with everything you need to be styled head to toe in Meredith Jaye.
We look forward to styling you this fall in Burr Ridge, Hinsdale, and Wheaton!
With Style,
Fashion Creative Director