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Honeycomb Havoc

  • A SERIOUSLY STICKY SITUATION: Use your paws to poke out pieces of honeycombs, snatching up delicious gobs of honey to munch for lunch. Just don't alert the queen! If she falls, it's game over!
  • HOW TO PLAY: Build the honeycomb with honey and the Queen Bee at the top. Take turns poking out honeycombs, but don't let the Queen Bee tumble! Losing really stings
  • SIMPLE & STRATEGIC: This game grows with its players! Simple rules but tricky play make this the perfect game for teaching strategic thinking, problem solving, and turn-taking. The more you play together, the more strategy comes to play!
  • EARLY DEVELOPMENT: Supercharge fine and gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and develop critical thinking capacity, all while having fun! "Bee" the one to share this Montessori learning game with a child. Comes with storage box for travel and easy cleanup
  • NATURAL MATERIALS: Made from solid cuts of natural wood, sanded smooth, and finished with water-based safe paints. Great for 1-4 players ages 3+. Suits a whole family, but is just as fun with one player

Designer: M and Em's

$ 22.00
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