Magic Silver Edition

$ 29.00

The path to becoming a true magician begins here!
Grab your wand, open up the detailed, 72-page, full-color instruction manual, lay your hands on the vibrant collection of tools, and get ready to shock and amaze.  Make dots appear and disappear in the paddle tricks. Make playing cards come and go and change places. Make money lose value, double in value, coins disappear from a coin box and then reappear.
Make a coin pass through a handkerchief, disappear into thin air, and magically stay put when it shouldn't. Make knots in ropes that untie themselves, jump from rope to rope, and even disappear completely.  Learn to make a bottle float in mid air, a rigid magic wand become flexible, grow and shrink, pass through objects, emerge from an empty bag, twist, levitate, move on its own, and even tell time.  Some of the tricks can be done by hand: a silk pocket square that appears out of nowhere, a coin that gets pulverized, objects that magically stay dry.  Some of the tricks can be done with food: salt that vanishes, loose sugar that becomes a cube, and dollar bills that emerge from bread rolls.  Some tricks can even be done with the stuff you already have at home: paperclips, pencils, thread, crayons, newspapers, and spoons that all do things you've never seen them do before.

There are so many ways to mesmerize your audience with this kit!