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Paws in a Row

Paws in a Row
Paws in a Row

Designer: M and Em's

$ 12.99
Can you link together four cute, matching rabbit, guinea pig, cat or dog animal chips before your opponent does? Each player takes one set of matching tiles. The youngest player starts the game by putting down one of their tiles down, face upwards. Play then passes to the player on the left who also puts down one of their tiles, face upwards, ensuring it touches a straight side of another piece on the table. Play continues to the left and the first person to make a line of four wins the game. This game is ideal for teacing children about planning ahead and predicting the outcome of alternative moves.

Playing board games helps children expand their logic and reasoning skills, improve critical thinking, boost spatial reasoning plus it can help develop the ability to concentrate and focus for a longer period of time. The concept and practice of following rules can be explained before play begins also if playing as a team childfen can learn to reason with each other as they each make a suggestion of where to place their tile.

With 100 playing chips and full game play instructions that are all kept safely in the house shaped storage tin provided. Play at home or take with you on holiday, to a sleepever or when you visit friends and family.

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