In Pursuit of Fashion

In Pursuit of Fashion Posted on By Kim Fuller
In Pursuit of Fashion 
It’s often said that spring comes in like a lion and out like a lamb, but this season’s style is strictly fierce.  Meredith Jaye’s spring collection promises to have you bringing that big cat energy all season long.  MJ buyers kicked off 2024 with a trip to Miami to prowl the latest styles and trends. Let’s recap some standout favorites we found in pursuit of fashion!   
Trends that will define 2024, also known as Macro Trends, are Quiet Luxury, Ultrafeminine Girl Core, and Polished Preppy. 
Major color trends to watch for are: Apricot Crush, Pistachio Green, Icy Blue, Almost Navy, Millennial Pink, Canary Yellow, Silver Shimmer, Lavender, Dark Red, Steel Grey 
Shh… it’s Quiet Luxury time. 
If you took our advice and created a capsule wardrobe, then you are ahead of the game.  Burn these words into your brain- timeless quality.  The idea behind quiet luxury is to invest in pieces that look and feel expensive but don’t scream at you with over-the-top branding or fads.    
By focusing on exquisite tailoring and higher quality fabrics instead of flashy pieces and fast fashion you can build yourself a versatile wardrobe that will stand the test of time.   
We’re Bringing Preppy Back 
We can thank the movie Saltburn for treating us to so many visual treasures like…fashion 😉.  Prep school chic to be exact. Preppy style aims to push back hard on the abundance of casual/lounge dressing that became popular during covid.  This style focuses more on sophisticated shapes and classic tailoring.  Look for pieces that give off that old money elegance (even if you just got paid) vibe like pleated skirts, collared button downs, blazers, loafers, elevated basics, tailored trousers, ballet flats and of course high-quality denim. 
Everything’s Coming Up Roses…No seriously, everything. 
“Girlcore” is in full bloom this spring highlighting the power of feminine energy. From a whisper of a subtle floral print to a roar of a statement making ruffled dress adorned with 3D florals, fashion wants us to embrace our inner child and celebrate our womanhood!  We saw a large assortment of floral prints, decorative rosettes, bows, ribbons, sheer, lot and lots of lace, pastels and of course pink! 
This powerful feminine trend proves not only do girls just wanna have fun, they also kinda wanna run the world. (And they can do both while wearing bows).  Mind-blowing... 
Hooked on Crochet 
It’s that age old question, what came first the hobby or the need for self-expression?  In either case, we think it’s safe to say that the return of crochet and embroidery came out of pure need.  We needed something to do, we needed to express ourselves, we needed sustainable fashion, we needed to feel like we accomplished something as the days and nights all ran together, we needed, well, comfort. With the spotlight on craftsmanship and tailoring it’s no wonder crochet designs are taking center stage. 
This retro trend with a boho feel has been gaining popularity and this year’s styles will have you HOOKED! 
 As spring style continues to sprinkle into Meredith Jaye, we will share more styling tips and industry insight.  Be sure to watch for more monochromatic looks, matching sets, wide leg denim, all shades of green, fringe, voluminous pieces, fresh metallics, and let’s not forget those ever-popular big cats we love so much.  Fierce feline fashion makes a bold statement with color, texture and elegance.  Get ready to make your move ladies, you’ll want to pounce on this season’s hottest styles from Meredith Jaye. 
With Fierce Style, 
Mimi Cunningham 
Creative Director Meredith Jaye